Class Schedule (please click on desired class for time & location)

Please note that as of today, 9/19/13, the Thursday night beginners class is suspended until further notice. Please contact me if this was a class you were interested in. I may have another option for you!

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  1. Natasha says:

    Hi, my sister and I are looking to take up yoga, and wanted to know if you have any evening classes near Litchfield? and what the price is per class?

    • nancyopgaard says:

      Hi Natasha, thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, I do not have an evening class anywhere at this time.
      But please keep checking back, things change!

  2. Karen Tokatyan-Collins says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Do you still offer the adaptive classes at the library on Thursdays? I have back problems and am very leery of trying yoga…
    I would give you my phone number, but do not want it posted :)

  3. Nancy Opgaard says:

    Hi Karen, as I do not have any other contact info for you, I am hoping you get this today.
    I am asking everyone in Thursday night class to let me know if they are still planning to come tonight, or if they would rather just stay home.
    Please reply to me at:

  4. deb bennett says:

    Hi nancy: I heard that the Library is rather chilly…was in there today and saw that the temps were set at 59 degrees. Can you tell me what the normal temp is say Sun am? How long are the classes? Thanks Debby Bennett

    • nancyopgaard says:

      Hi Deb, Oh no, not again!!! They have been having problems but it was toasty in there Monday.
      I guess I won’t know until I get there this morning.
      The class is supposed to run 1 1/2 hours. 9:00- 10:30
      Thanks for the heads up, Nnacy

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