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So, here I have created a special page just for you to sound off about your experiences in class while I pretend that nothing said could possibly bother me!
Seriously, the real reason is for someone trying to decide if they want to try my class, maybe they can get a “feel” for the new environment they are about to enter.
So, have at it kids, comment away, let them know how you feel. I’ll just stay over here in arm balance, I won’t look ;o)

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  1. Ellen Kracht says:

    Nancy Opgaard is the whole package. If you haven’t tried yoga because the LAST word you would use to describe yourself is “zen,” but you’re interested in the health benefits you’ve heard about it or you’re just looking for a way to build strength and flexibility, you should give Nancy a chance to teach you something, anything. She knows so much about the way the body works. She is not the least bit “hippie dippie.” And she’s sooooo funny. Regardless of your ability, if you try, you will feel amazing and you won’t believe how much fun you had.
    If, on the other hand, you want a true and deep yogic experience, she’s got that too. You will get from yoga practice what you put into it, because she is a truly excellent guide.

  2. I took my first yoga class with Nancy back in 1997 and now resist taking a class with anyone else! “..there’s nothing better, once you’ve had the best.”

    Nancy is skilled at teaching all levels of students, from rank beginners to serious practitioners. She has an incredible ability to hone in on the most effective way to communicate with each student to encourage him or her to achieve the best possible results in each yoga pose. Nancy can sense where you are in your progress and firmly, but gently, encourage you to take your practice to the next level.

  3. Wylie Hunt says:

    I accompanied my husband to Connecticut for a weekend in March, and while he was busy on a Vestry retreat, I spent time attending a bee-keeping workshop, and exploring the beautiful area of Cornwall. I was fortunate enough to find out about Nancy’s yoga class on Sunday morning at the Library, and took her class. Nancy is a gifted teacher who articulately explains poses and inspires her students to focus and guides them into proper alignment and stance. I had never had the experience of doing a wheel pose with the assist of a chair, and it was exhilerating. I left class confident that I had taken one of the best yoga classes I’d ever experienced, and at the same time, disappointed that I live across the Sound and cannot participate in Nancy’s classes regularly. Hopefully, I will get back to Connecticut before too long! Namaste.

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