Yoga is not “one size fits all”

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you should be aware that your yoga practice is entirely unique to you. Your reason for coming to class may not be the same as the person on the mat next to you. She may be there because her doctor recommended it as part of her recovery. From surgery, and accident, an illness or addiction. The guy on the mat on the other side of you may want to improve his golf game. Another may be looking for peace of mind. There are as many reasons for bringing yoga into your life as there are people in the room. And each one of these folks has a story, a body type, a level of physical ability, a mental attitude. On any given day that can and does change.

Your ability to tune in to your needs and adjust your practice accordingly is a landmark in your maturity as a yoga practitioner. In the meantime, your teacher should be able to provide you with appropriate guidelines. Your yoga class should have an environment that allows you to ask questions. Your yoga teacher will welcome these questions as an oppotunity for him or her to provide you with what you need and look upon them as an opportunity for him or her to grow as a teacher.

Some things former students have had to say:

“You have a great way about you, both moving forward and remaining patient, relaxed without being sloppy. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you, I really appreciated it.”  Adam

“As a yoga teacher and long time student of Nancy’s I know her as a devoted student and gifted teacher of Hatha Yoga. Nancy inspires her students with her enthusiasm for yoga coupled with her vast knowledge of this ancient science. Her mix of compassionate discipline and sense of humor, along with her tremendous faith in her students abilities, helps students move beyond what they thought they could do. Nancy’s background in bodywork provides her with a rare and keen edge many teachers lack in understanding the more subtle workings of the body. At the end of a class or workshop of hers, my body feels like no stone has been left unturned.”  Jacqui

“After two years of suffering with frozen shoulder and neck pain, I found yoga to be the best remedy. I had physical therapy, accupuncture, reiki, even anti-inflamatories. After five sessions with Nancy, my range of motion is almost back to nromal, but most of all, there is no more pain. As an instructor, Nancy is wonderful. Being a beginner, I received the attention I needed and encouragement to feel comfortable with my ability. I recommend her classes for anyone who wants to gain strength without injury, and peace of mind.”  Irene Mardal, Owner of Take Time Relaxation Center, Bethel, Ct.

“Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you. I would have to give you 1000 CD’s to thank you for the joy I have felt with yoga (and I am only on my fourth class). Truly, you are a wonderful teacher (a great gift) and the class has been fun and inspiring. In the past, my limited experience with yoga never clicked, but I now see that it is something I would like to have in my life for as long as I can place my hands in front of my “heart circle” (I think that’s what you call it). Well, enjoy the day, I hope you enjoy the music and thanks again!”

Your happy student, Chris                                                                                                                 P.S. The only way you could be my Dad’s age is if you had been perfectly preserved in a glacier or something for the last 25 years … then maybe ….

“Nancy, your class last night has, I think, completely cured my back. Today is the first day in WEEKS that I was able to get right out of bed, and I am 95% pain-free today. I can’t wait for my follow-up appointment at the doctors so I can tell them that their drugs did not help me, but yoga fixed everything. You are a genious. Bless you, bless you, bless you! Li

One last thought, coming to class is not just about the asana’s, it’s about the satsang.                    Namaste’

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